We’re hiring: Decoration and Performance frontman/-woman Paradigm Festival 2019

Job description
The decoration and performance plan for Paradigm (Groningen, the Netherlands) is always a big and challenging project for everyone involved. Dozens of carpenters, artists, welders, painters, upholsterers and performers are working diligently on their projects in the month coming up to, during and after Paradigm Festival. Properly directing their efforts will be your task, working in the field (festival terrain) alongside your team, guided by both the creative director and the production leader. The decoration and performance plan will be your guideline. You’re responsible for the execution of said plan, as well as budgeting and planning. You’re also going to be the center point of contact for everyone involved with the plan.

July 17 until July 21
July 24 until July 28
July 31 until August 4
August 7 until August 16

Required knowledge, skills, and abilities
– Experience in the creative sector is a must.
– Able to communicate clearly with both the artists and the management team of a large festival.
– VCA and EHBO certificates are desirable but aren’t required.
– Stress resistant.
– A large creative thinking capacity.
– An open mind and attitude.
– Able to do project-based work.
– Manage/drive the creative team.
– Ability to maintain oversight in every situation.
– Able to maintain a flexible and calm attitude.

In return we offer
– A salary (negotiable depending on experience).
– A temporary stay on the terrain during the project is an option.

To apply (before June 11) or for more info, please send an email to paul@paradigm050.com. We’d love to hear from you!