Paradigm Festival, breeding ground for artistic talent

Paradigm Festival (music and arts) is constantly looking for creative minds and talented performers. Paradigms vision and theme in 2018 is freedom in arts and expression. We invite you to create an amazing work of art and/or performance, by working on an area, object, or idea. Our terrain is very big so we can offer you lots of space for you to freely express your creativity.

Send in a plan for your own art/performance project

If you want to create your own piece of art, decorate your own stage, to perform, please send us your plan. If your plan is approved, you will get a budget agreed upon with the organization and full freedom to execute your idea. This means you will be responsible for everything regarding your own project as well. Responsibilities include: finding volunteers, making a realistic budget, creating a planning, and providing a list of necessary materials and tools. Important: most of the materials you’ll be working with (70%-80%) have to be recycled and repurposed materials. The realization of your plans will take place during the festival_build_up_manifestation, from Monday 09-07 till Friday 09-08. Please send an email with a detailed description of your plan to before 01-07-2018.

You need a couple of things to qualify for applying:

  • Creative mind
  • Able to work on a project basis
  • Ability to keep an overview
  • Skilled with tools and materials
  • Responsible
  • Ability to lead (if you are working with your own group of volunteers)
  • Safety comes first, we expect everyone to work safely and sober

Sign up to volunteer

If you want to help out during the festival_build_up_manifestation from Monday 09-07 till Friday 09-08, please send an email to or sign up at Any of you who has helped us before knows how much fun it can be to work on festival construction at Paradigm. The vibe on the terrain is great every year because of all the love, creativity, passion, humor, innovation, and inspiration that’s being channelled by everyone. We will be providing meals and drinks during these weeks, as well as capable team leaders, professionals, plenty of construction materials, relevant tools and very detailed plans. These are a couple of the projects we’ve got queued up for this year’s festival:

  • Decorating the outdoor stages
  • Helping out art/performance project leaders
  • Cooking for the volunteers daily
  • Maintaining the garden
  • Constructing a community kitchen/pavilion
  • Making the camping area festival-ready
  • Building the new chill out stage
  • Constructing new bars on the terrain
  • Building an eco-dome
  • Signing on the terrain

We’ve got the following rewards lined up for anyone who wants to help out for one or multiple days:

  • ½ token per hour
  • Work shifts that are flexible in nature. You can make your own hours and pick the days that work best for you!
  • Anyone who helps out 5 days or more will get 1 personal ticket for one of the following events: Paradigm Festival Friday, Saturday, Sunday, NYE, or NYD